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Mar 13, 2011 9:00pm PDT
expensive in history. japan's ambassador to the u.s. said he is gratified five p l: have support from all around look. >> only countries and regions are extending 52 can hear the >>vicki: live view of japan shows this edition of the place. off fishing or rick for his role. as the tremors continue, japan's stock market dropped considerably monday morning in tokyo. the central the have-more than $185 billion to help keep the fable. if the central rifle financial institutions lonely to leave the massive demands. clinton continues the city's harlem. no people living thing in the search cardiff family proves lifted to both >>reporter: >> clear >>reporter: relive that what is laughingly. it is one of the team that say when mr. just hours of work. >> can to find the court rather than where it should be if it meant to see. >>reporter: a real fast to recover the of the her at fuel, oil and battery acid from leaking into the harbor. >> divers are working to patch up all leaks. we will treat each go to surface with proper to cut ashley who belong to a crane. this and on research as half a millio
Mar 27, 2011 9:00pm PDT
for the a's home opener on friday. >>vicki: u.s. regulators will scrutinwatch the sales of s phone. it could be good news for consumers. gabe slate tells us why. >>gabe: at&t is buying t mobile for a cash stock deal worth $39 billion. it will make at&t the largest telephone carrier in the u.s.. this acquisition would give at&t hundred 29 million at wireless subscribers, put them ahead of verizon who has a brown 102 million. % of u.s. mobile phones. here's what t mobile and at&t customers need to know. if the deal is to be approved by regulators in washington d.c.. if the fcc in the part of justice have to sign on it. they may turn it down. if it gives at&t to much power and control of the market. if this deal may not go through. if it does, it will take one year to be approved officially go through. in the immediate future, at&t in t mobile customer will see no change to their service. when and if this deal goes through its principal lot of questions that we don't know the answers to yet. it will improve reception and performance? the combination of these two networks, it should it sho
Mar 20, 2011 9:00pm PDT
not be targeted. >> vicki: the u.s. will have a military role of an investigation they will " not have a role. . we will be back. >> vicki: they are holding a special election for spending cuts. californians are denouncing the platform for governor schwarzenegger to commute the sentence of an allegation. he reduced it from 16-seven years. he pleaded guilty for his role in the 2000 stabbing death of san diego. it approved a resolution his actions were condemned. tough punishment for murderers. thousands of drivers are waiting to receive their new licenses. security features of slowed retribution. the dmv it started issuing licenses last october. >>bryan: all lot of great, more rain on the way. coming up. and >> here we are live in san francisco. columns are not as strong as last night. they are born to pick up litter this week of storms hit the bay area. ocean beach was checking in at 50 mi. per hour for the wind. another storm on its way. tuesday. rain will pick up again. temperature will be into the fifties. big storm of arriving on tuesday. a couple of showers are of there. ever
Mar 19, 2011 9:00pm PDT
. >> kron4 news it etch 9. the u.s. and allies lost the first missile assault. emergency crews are trying to deal with the nuclear crisis in japan. radiation levels are exceeded the safety limits and have been detected in food and water near the plant. plus, they say you cannot predict the next big quake but when bay area the knowledge of says that if you have to the next week. the them by developing the news in libya. present record, has announced and u.s. military strike against the military in libya. it is an effort designed to get the military in line. more bloodshed. the nation's government has blasted the operations in their nation. they say innocence has been clouded in the crossfire. barbour has the latest. >> reporter: at the u.s. military has key allies such as france and great billion -- great britain launching misfiles. present record, was speaking from brazil and says the u.s. will not have to come again. he will not idly stand by (no audio) >> vicki: we are having some audio issues. hours after the attack the leader it went on the tv and said that he would defend hims
Mar 26, 2011 9:00pm PDT
every step of the way. what's your story? citi can help you write it. >>maureen: u.s. census has finished telling up the senses. it turns out america's ethnic landscape is changing faster than anticipated. >>reporter: 16 people living in the united states is now hispanic, passing the 50 million mark in total for the first time. the census department said the hispanic population grew 50% during the first decade. >> the growth is very rapid and what a lot of us are calling new settlement areas. it mainly in the southeastern united states. a broad swath of states from their land down to georgia over to louisiana up and out to kentucky. >>reporter: earlier projections of the nation's 2010 and ethnic makeup under estimated the population by about a million people. cnn asked officials about how much of the increase was the result of higher birthrates and immigration both legal and illegal. >> or in the middle of the process right now investigating, we hope to come out later in the year with more specific information. >>reporter: disfigures are used to draw political boundaries for stat
Mar 12, 2011 9:00pm PST
search. u.s. nuclear officials are having to give can help system disaster of this there. >>reporter: to fifth largest earthquakes recorded in history and relief efforts in japan had just begun. the first wave of u.s. began a ride in japan saturday choreograph of an uncertain rescue teams is expected to rescue sunday. so far more than three dozen people have been rescued according to japanese prime minister. he says favors with a focus on saving lives and on the comfort of the evacuees. 500 if residence in one town or on account for half the country continues to face aftershocks' region as high as 6.4 in may to if if there is growing concerns about daily survival. off this >> is no food and little water i can't flush made >> your highways are close, rose washed out in phone communications body. half of the concern is making sure the country's nuclear power plants are safe. off to a >> a small amount of radiation has been emitted into the your. half the >> the result of back to reading people living within a 12 mi. radius of the plant. the interesting people radiation exposure and hav
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6